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Jordan 14 Black Toe Shirts

The Jordan 14 has made it’s return for 2014. Jordan brand is releasing the classic “Black Toe” color way. We’ve seen the Thunder and Sport Blue color ways this year, but this color way is more symbolic of the Jordan legacy. Of course your favorite street wear crew has plenty of options for this 2014 release. Check out these Jordan 14 Black Toe shirts. These are the best shirts to match the Jordan 14 Black Toe release.

Loud Pack Jersey Tee Black

Loud Pack is back and remixed for Summer ’14. Panthers inspired Loud Pack hockey jersey tee.  Classic Bred, color scheme, perfect to match the Jordan 14 black toe release. Black T Shirt, w/ Red & White print.  Loud Pack Crew, giant 89 number hit, jersey stripes shoulder and sleeve crests.  Available in sizes small to 4xl!

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The Most Popular Urban Clothing Brands – 2014

The most popular urban clothing brands never last forever. Every year, a new line of hot apparel is destined to displace the last brand that was hot and popular in the days of yesteryear. If you want to constantly stay on top of the urban fashion game, then you’re going to have to start investing in modernity. You’re going to need to get acquainted with a clothing vendor that constantly updates its stock with the latest urban clothing to hit the shelves. With over twenty different brands that are constantly being updated with new arrivals, Steal Deal is just that kind of vendor that you’re looking for.


Steal Deal packs hot items from every corner of the urban fashion universe. Adidas, Barefox, D9, Enemy of the State, Filthy Dripped, Hall of Fame, Finally Famous and dozens of other brands are all represented. You will not find  ridiculously inflated prices on any item.


The beauty of Steal Deal is that you’re never going to be limited to a single kind of style when buying for your store. If you’re looking to sell jerseys, Steal Deal has a Jersey category that you can order from to provide your customers with jerseys that have their favorite basketball teams or comic book characters. If your target market includes or caters to plus-sized men, then Steal Deal has a Big Men’s catalog with a healthy selection of clothes you can sell to urbanites with taller and heftier physiques. You’ll find no shortage of snapbacks, accessories and shoes to line your shelves with and turn your store into a haven for the trendy and stylish urbanite population. If you believe in fair prices and keeping a freshly stocked catalog of modern clothing at all times, then Steal Deal is perfect supplier for you.


May 7

The History of the Hoodie

The hoodie is one of the most iconic casual clothing items in the 21st century, and its historical roots stretch all the way back to Medieval Europe.

In the times of Medieval Europe, it was quite common for monks to dress in a garb very similar to what we call a hoodie today; the name of this garment was a ‘tunic’ or robe, and attached to it was a cowl meant to be drawn over the head.

In addition to the tunic and cowl, the hooded cape was also a very commonly seen garment on the workers who performed most of their duties in the outdoors.

It wasn’t until the 30’s the hoodie started to become more or less commonplace in the United States. The hoodie design was directed largely towards outdoor workers, similarly to the hooded capes worn by outdoor laborers in Medieval Europe. Outdoor workers whose jobs necessitated exposure to potentially hostile elements were highly receptive of the hoodie. People working in frigid conditions, particularly in upstate New York, quickly received the hoodie and saw its usefulness.


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While the history of the hoodie goes back more than several hundred years, the term ‘hoodie’ didn’t actually become popularized until the 1990’s.  Skateboarders and surfers began to sport the hoodie as an icon of the culture they felt they represented. In the United States, California was indisputably the state in which the hoodie gained the most momentum as a stylistic choice rather than a functional one.

Finding the right hoodie

Today, there are millions of distributors of hoodies worldwide, and an almost uncountable number of varieties are available between them all. It can be overwhelming to narrow the choices down to the best distributors, but Steal Deal is a good place to get started.  Steal Deal provides some of newest and sought after hoodies designed by the hottest designers.

Dec 2

Hip Hop Clothing at Wholesale Prices for Men

Hip hop clothing at wholesale prices for men allows resellers and the common consumer to get the latest fashion trends inspired by hip hop culture at hard to beat prices.

The high-class night life and the hustle and bustle of the city streets have men becoming even more eager to create head turning fashion statements. Hip Hop clothing without a doubt makes a bold statement in the fashion industry due to the popularity of hip hop music and the impact it has on today’s culture. Today’s fashion trends allow men to be more versatile when it comes to personal style, and therefore, the demand of hip hop clothing for men is drastically increasing.





Find latest styles and fashions for men at Steal Deal.


If you are looking for clothing for your current shop, purchasing wholesale clothing provides you with a larger profit margin and greater selection. When browsing street shops and department stores, most men are disappointed to find a lack of selection and a price that is easy to walk away from. When you purchase wholesale hip hop clothing, customers can easily obtain the most fashionable shirts, pants, shoes, hats and more. When men are looking for the most common pieces of hip hop inspired fashions including tracksuits, over-sized shorts, sneakers and sport coats, you can be sure that when you fill this demand wisely, merchandise will be moving quickly off your shelves.

You can help your customers create the perfect outfit with coordinating accessories with just a couple clicks away. While browsing through the variety of wholesale hip hop at, you will find some of the hottest fashion styles that have made their way into the market. The style, prices, and quality of hip hop clothing is guaranteed when you are working with a professional wholesaler like Steal Deal. When you purchase new styles from this online wholesaler, you can be confident that you will be receiving the latest styles with the highest quality. Steal Deal keeps their inventory fresh so you can keep your customers coming back for more.  

Even as the trends change and people are looking for new styles and fashions, hip hop clothing is a style that is always going to be universally in demand by all due to the mainstay of hip hop culture. Whether the preference is modern or classic, there are always pieces of clothing that represent the hip hop trends. The options may be abundant but one thing is for sure, hip hop fashions have been around for a long time and are not expected to perish anytime soon, making hip hop clothing the number one fashion choice. For more information about Steal Deal please visit

Featuring authentic SNEAKTIP T-Shirts, Large QTY available: CUSTOMER SERVICE & SALES: 323-581-8051 

Featuring authentic SNEAKTIP T-Shirts, Large QTY available: CUSTOMER SERVICE & SALES: 323-581-8051 

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NEW Smoke Rise Letterman Jackets - $25.00 Each (large qty available) Urban Wholesale Hip Hop Clothing Distributor: 323-581-8051

NEW Smoke Rise Letterman Jackets - $25.00 Each (large qty available) Urban Wholesale Hip Hop Clothing Distributor: 323-581-8051

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